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The gastric Band System is designed to help you lose excess body weight for resolution of obesity-related health conditions and enhancement of life.
In partnership with leading bariatric surgeons around the world, a new surgical approach has been developed that eliminates many of the known associated operative risks and provides unique benefits compared to other obesity surgeries. 
This effort has resulted in the Gastric Band System, the only adjustable and reversible obesity surgery that does not require cutting and stapling of the stomach or gastrointestinal re-routing to bypass normal digestion. Patient benefits include reduced surgical trauma, complications, pain, and scarring, as well as shorter hospitalization and recovery time compared to other obesity surgeries.

If you wish to ask questions about what makes an ideal Lap Band patient, head over to our call 1-877-273-2104. Here you can ask questions that may be answered by our health care specialist.

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Lap Band Surgery Benefits



75% of patients are expected to lose 75 to 80% of their excess body weight. Well over 70 to 80% of patients with hypertension will be off medications and well over 90% of patients with type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus are expected to be off medication. Drastically improved, if not completely resolved includes sleep apnea, asthma, joint pain, arthritis, reflux, fatigue, shortness of breath and an overall increased sense of well-being. 

There is expected to be a significant reduction in risks of heart disease, pulmonary disease and cancers. Morbid obesity can reduce the lifespan as much as 20% in a given patient, depending on their age and comorbid problems. There is also a significantly improved quality of life and self-esteem in patients who have undergone gastric bypass procedure for weight loss

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